From Kingston, Jamaica to Winnipeg, Manitoba and finally to Vancouver, B.C. Da Griff is finally ready to let the world know who he is. Da Griff is a natural when it comes to performing and entertaining in front of an audience. Anyone who has seen him perform can see that he loves doing what he does. From an early age, Da Griff knew that he was destined for fame and fortune as an entertainer. In his early years, Da Griff and his brother-in-law, Howard Lawson, Traveled from club to club in the small towns of Manitoba performing Elvis Presley cover songs. Although everyone was skeptical about a young Jamaican doing Elvis cover tunes, once he was done, he left the crowd begging for more.

As a teenager, Da Griff and his friends started their own band entering the local singing and dancing contests. Not long after, Da Griff hosted and produced a local cable show called “Spotlight” that featured entertainers in and around the Winnipeg area. As a young adult, Da Griff uprooted himself and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in order to pursue his singing career. While in Vancouver, Da Griff began training to become one of the best and most well-known limbo dancers.

Da Griff was also involved with a project called Da Beat Bros. and also The Beat Junkies in a collaboration with Steve Best and Brad Farringo. For both projects, Da Griff wrote and performed the song “Jump Up (If You Feel Alright).” The single of Jump Up can be found on the Club Life ’98 CD under the Beat Junkies, on the soundtrack from the movie “Bring it on” under Da Beat Bros and featured in the motion picture “Scary Movie”.

Currently Da Griff is in between two major projects; First, he is working on his solo album, produced by Mark Ellis of Ninjabeatz Studios of Vancouver, BC which will be independently distributed (date of release still to be announced). His second project is recording at Hipjoint Productions, working on four songs on the debut album of pop/rock artist, Brandon Paris.